My love for a Country

There is nothing to explain why – I simply fall in love with Philippines.

I spent two years from 2012 t0 2014 working there – I was the typical expatriate from the so-called “Western civilization” , so I was complaining about food, luck of European entertainment, the climate (so humid and hot all the time), the lack of seasons (it’s  tropical weather there), luck of “cultural traditions” (obviously our   cultural traditions, they have their owns) but…

And let start  now about these…”buts”

  1. it’s a YOUNG Country – it means if you live in any Country in Europe – you see all white haired people around you – exactly the contrary in PH
  2. they SMILE at you all the time (maybe they are going to cheat you, but who cares? It’s better to be cheated than ignored, isn’t it?)
  3. they call you “John” – if you try to say them you are not John and you are not coming from US, it doesn’t matter – you are JOHN
  4. they don’t know anything about this – because they smile at you, they know how to manage their sad moments, and anyway, their sadness has nothing to do with what we, from Western Countries, think it should be.
  5. In PH Asia ends and America is still far away – so, the whole Country has the look&feel of a giant border area where everything is possible.

Well the nature is wonderful, the islands are just pieces of jewelry fallen from the sky to the shallow water of South Chinese Sea – but this not the point – many places in the world look great – it’s the way they look great there in Philippines which is different (and I can’t explain why, come and see with your eyes).

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